Wednesday, April 16, 2014


                                                                          I thank God i have finally turned 30
Even though i didn't spend all the time planning for my birthday i had an awesome time.
Being 30 years old is just same stuff different day
You are just as old as you feel.
Now it is time for the decade projects which includes career and family
I am excited, here are pictures.

I ♥ my life.
We all had an awesome time.

Cake by SweetartofCake Hayward,Ca
Hair by Halle
Makeup by Leslie at KJStyles
Music by DJ Tunde
Photography by Ozisco

Monday, March 3, 2014


The top trending word i hear almost everyday is Lupita.
"Lupita this, Lupita that"
I need to go and see the movie that has won her an incredible Oscar.
The new word for Lupita is Flawless

What do i love about Lupita
1.She is simple
2. She is humble
3. She has the sexy, shiny black sin.
4. She has those pearly white teeth.
5. Her English is impeccable.
6. I have seen her rock several colors and i mean literally almost every shade looks good on her.

I love what she said at the end of her speech.
"No matter where you come from, your dreams are always valid"
Her dreams got validated last night at the Oscars!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Evelyn walked into the room with Saan. It was the most beautiful room she had ever seen.
“So what do you think?” Saan asked noticing how impressed she looked at the sight of the room.
“I think it is nice, I don’t know why the Great Provider didn’t want us to see the room, infact it would make a very nice room for future guests that would come to visit soon” Evelyn said.
“He didn't want the elements to come into full force” Saan replied. Evelyn kept pacing back and forth, there were different portraits on the wall, they were rather abstract, she could not tell the meaning of what was in the portraits. She read the description of the first portrait which was “Anger”. Evelyn read out loud.
“What is that?” she asked. Saan smiled, just by reading the element out loud, she had unlocked it and put it into force.
“It is one of the elements” Saan replied.
“Oh okay and this one is jealousy” she said touching the frame of the portrait which contained a big, hollow circle painted green. Evelyn looked curiously at it. She walked past some other portraits and looked eye on eye at a black portrait, it looked scary, the face of a hooded skull holding a pitchfork. Saan stood by the door watching her, he smiled mischievously because he knew the consequences of what she was doing.
“This portrait is absurd, really absurd” she murmured under her breath. She read the name on the bottom of the portrait.
“Death” she said out loud. The skull appeared to move, it prompted her to touch the portrait wondering if it was real. Saan realized what she had just done, that was the most important element in the room.
“You just touched the worst element” Saan informed her.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I have always loved to “PARTY HARD” especially after college, I became a hard party goer, I was at almost every club event all the time, I spent a ton of money getting “club outfits” getting hair and feet done, that was an investment not to talk of buying gas and driving usually an hour away to the city to go and have fun with friends for a few hours and then run back like Cinderella to continue with my everyday life. This instance was about four years ago. Fast forward three years later I realized I no longer had the passion to go to the club for nothing, I think one main reason was that members of my clique slowly started drifting away by getting into meaningful relationships and spending time with significant others so that whole excitement of a new flyer being posted in Face book or Twitter to announce a new party was not there anymore. I realized I was getting too old to go to the club.

1.       When 18 year old girls with body odor, stinky weaves and in scantily clad clothes were in the same room with me across the bar or the dance floor of a club. Most of these chics are freshmen in college or just high school graduates, giving a 10+ gap in age, I would have been their babysitter back in the day so being in the same room with someone who I am old enough to change their diaper would make me cringe.
2.       I don’t have the desire to drink the way I used to. I do most of my drinking at the club because I am a social drinker, one night I think I had one too many drinks and woke up with an awful headache the next day, I knew that had to end.
3.       The crowd I typically run with is a pretty familiar one, there has not been anything new on the scene in the last four years so walking around the club running into people I already know should be reserved for 4th of July barbecue, I am more interested in meeting people I don’t know since at the club I like to go out of element sometimes.
4.       I don’t stay in the club till the lights are turned back on, I do my Cinderella run when I feel its time to leave and that time is usually a little after midnight since most clubs end at 2am, I don’t want to be caught trying to get out at the same time with everyone else.
5.        When a new club party is mentioned, everyone else decides to stay home or have girls night out at the lounge, some with significant others.Instead everyone wants to go to bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers and weddings.

After evaluating myself thoroughly on reasons why I should go to the club, I believe the reasons should be more of why I should not be there. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I know I am turning 30 but really lately I have been having this odd feeling knowing that I am too old to be at the club. So on that note i guess i should be officially retiring.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


I always have exciting goosebumps when i listen to this song.
The simple word "Can we talk?" It can initiate a conversation, it can begin a friendship, it can start a relationship.
In this post 21st century time, this form of chivalry has gone out of the window, nowadays these chewing gum popping strange men just disrespectful walk up to you and just assume to get an audience, in the club, females are grabbed from behind to dance and be grinded upon. Texting is the new relationship, its so sad.What happened to the men of those days? Is there something in the water that we drink today because i sure would want a fine young man to say to me "Can we talk?"

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TWISTED 2: Saan and Evelyn

“I have an appointment this morning” Adam informed Evelyn as he got dressed. Evelyn sat in bed, propped up against her pillows reading a blog commentary on her Ipad.
“Really” she replied as she scrolled down the page of what she was reading.
“Yes” Adam replied.
“What is the meeting about?”
“It is for the arrival of Zebras, there were some beautiful ones coming in today,” Adam replied
Eve kept reading the blog article. Adam checked himself out in the mirror, he knew he looked good enough to go to the appointment. There were more animals for him to take care of and he was more than glad to do so.
“The chickens need to be fed” Adam reminded Evelyn.
“Oh thanks for reminding me Adam, don’t forget to stop by and get more chicken feed, we are almost out.” Evelyn reminded Adam.
“What store? Adam asked.
“I don’t know the name of the store, everything in Eden is brand new, I saw it when we drove past three days ago.”Evelyn said,
“Alright” Adam said. Eve stepped out of the bed in her transparent night dress. The thin layered dress she put on at night to get intimate with him and sleep in was provided by a company that the Great Provide created.
“Have an awesome day” Eve said as she gave her husband a hug and planted a kiss on his forehead, she did this everyday without fail.
“You too my love” Adam replied as he looked into her eyes.
He picked up his mini ipad and walked out of the room. Adam was not used to having breakfast because his wife never woke up early to prepare him a meal, he was going to have brunch with the Great Provider and discuss with him after his appointment.

 Eve took her bath in the mud built tub, she sat in there for an hour and soaked in the water as she slowly imbibed her orange juice. She had to check on the animals and feed them. She came out of the tub and put some aloe vera juice on her skin, she had plucked some aloe vera the night before and she loved its cooling effect on her skin. She slipped back into a transparent dress which had two petals on the nipple area. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and was satisfied. She picked up her purse and walked out of the room. On her way downstairs she was met by Saan, he was an old staff of the Great Provider; he recently got fired and was rooting for a job at the Estate.
“Hey Saan” she greeted and noticed he was standing by the forbidden room, the door was slightly ajar.
“Evelyn” he said in his usual slick voice. “Good morning, how is your day going?” Saan asked.
“It just started, I am about to go to the farm, why are you standing over there, that room is forbidden.” Evelyn said.
“Says who?” Saan asked.
“The Great Provider” Evelyn replied and Saan gave a laugh, it sounded mocking but she said nothing.
“ What’s funny?”Evelyn asked.
“He told you its forbidden”
“Yes he did, the Great Provider said that there are elements in there that would change my life” Evelyn replied.
“They change much, there are just certain things you would realize and also a nature you would pick up.” Saan said looking at her convincingly.
“A nature?” Evelyn asked.
“Yes” Saan said. “Let’s go in, it’s nothing to lose”

“Okay” Evelyn replied without further argument, she really wanted to know what was in the room. Without much ado she followed Saan who had swung the door open.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TWISTED: 1. The Forbidden Room

Adam and Evelyn were introduced to their new house in Edenville. They had lunch in the garden, lots of great freshly made food and lovely juices to drink. Evelyn had not had such a great treat in a long time and Adam was happy that she was enjoying herself. Lunch with the Great Provider who was their caretaker was awesome. They talked about a lot of things. The Great Provider walked them around their huge mansion. They were thinking of raising an awesome family in their new home which had ten bedrooms, six bathrooms, a swimming pool and a tennis court. It was an awesome place, like no place they had ever lived. The Great Provider also allowed the animals to live with them, the antelopes, deer and goats were in the garden area of the mansion, all they did was graze and play around.
“So finally I hope you settle into your new home and have children.” The Great Provider said.
“Yes, I really like this place” Evelyn said as she lightly touched a vase which had the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. “I think we would be happy here”.
“It is a happy place” the Great Provider replied as he walked along with them in the hallway. Evelyn looked outside and watched the rabbits and squirrel hop around in delight. The horses were in their stables, they would need grooming soon and she was going to do that.
“This is my dream life” Adam said finally. The Great Provider nodded. Adam was about to open a door on the side, they had been to every room except that room and the door looked a little different from the rest of the doors.
“Don’t open the door” the Great Provider said in a warning tone.
“Why? We have been to every room in this house but that one and why is the door painted red unlike the other doors in this house?” Adam asked.
“That room is forbidden, if you enter it your life would change” the Great Provider informed Adam. Eve was curious to know what was in the room, everything in the house looked splendid.
“How would my life change?” Adam asked the Great Provider.
“The room contains a lot of elements that would cause your life to change, right now your life is perfect , once that door is opened imperfection comes in” the Great Provider replied. Adam and Evelyn looked at each other.